Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

The purpose of this site

This site was created and is managed as a free service by MidwayUSA, a 2009 recipient of the Baldrige Award. We consider the Baldrige community to be one of our Key Communities and this is our way of sharing what we have learned during our continuing Baldrige journey. We will be eligible and plan to submit our next application in 2015. The principle content of this website is a series of ‘White Papers’, Power Point files and videos that explain our thinking about the most important aspects of the Baldrige Criteria. We continue to update and add to our base of knowledge. Most of this information has been prepared for our local BPEG (Baldrige Performance Excellence Group) that meets monthly in Columbia, MO. While we do claim ownership of this information, we encourage everyone to use it on a ‘non-commercial’ basis to deploy the Baldrige Leadership and Management Principles to every community in America. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to visit our facilities in Columbia, Missouri, or if you just have a question.

Video Presentations


Power Point Presentations